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          Zero-Carbon Industrial Parks

          Zero-Carbon Industrial Parks
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          Our Business
          Zero-Carbon Industrial Parks
          Wind, PV, Energy Storage and Hydrogen
          Grand Green-Energy Bases

          GCL is to build up green energy consumption utilities such as "zero-carbon industrial park", "zero-carbon smart city" and "mobile energy operation", by fully developing the grand “wind, PV, energy storage and hydrogen” energy bases in deserts, Gobi, etc. GCL is determined to diversify its investment in the "Belt and Road" initiative, in smart manufacturing parks, in smart cities and in mobile energy to seek path for a dearer carbon and greener future development.

          Zero-Carbon Industrial Parks
          Green Energy Bases
          Zero-Carbon Smart Manufacturing Factories
          Low-Carbon Energy Consumption

          Business Portfolio

          Wind Power

          Make full use of the rich wind energy and convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity.

          PV Power

          Convert the inexhaustible solar energy into electrical energy. Develop silicon materials for photoelectric conversion.

          Energy Storage

          Change the status quo of energy transportation and use limited by time and space. Combine green energy system construction with energy vehicle charging network. Promote wider use of clean energy in transportation, human settlements, communications and other fields.

          Hydrogen Energy

          With the development of its "wind, PV, grid, energy storage, cloud" energy topology, the complementary advantages of its multi-energy modes, and the breakthroughs in its material technology, GCL is now capable of reducing the comprehensive cost for renewable energy power generation and hydrogen production. Hydrogen will be produced from renewable energy at lower cost, in a larger scale, and with higher efficiency. GCL is on its way to become a "green hydrogen producer and a service package provider".

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