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          A Growth Record of GCL
          A Messenger for Green Development

          Industry News

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          "Forced labor" of Xinjiang photovoltaic enterprises? Two major associations responded strongly to the US: healthy competition instead of malicious smear 2021-02-03

          Dalian forum pushes for better clean energy R&D 2018-08-27

          China's power generation climbed 7.8% in first 7 months 2018-08-15

          China's energy consumption growth picks up, structure improved 2018-08-03

          Rising gas demand to lift trade ties 2018-06-20

          Belt, Road benefits all involved 2018-06-11

          GCL in Media

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          China’s First 20,000-ton Granular Silicon Modular Project in Full Operation 2022-03-10

          GCL ET Made Private Placement over 3.7 Billion Yuan, JPMorgan and Others Subscribed 2022-03-04

          Ordos Municipal Government and GCL Group Signed for Strategic Cooperation 2022-03-01

          Enterprise in Kunshan Won the Provincial Special Publicity Project for Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutral Science and Technology Innovation 2022-02-24

          From “GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited” to “GCL Technology Holdings Limited”, a Planned Renaming Pertaining to the Strategic Shifting toward Technology-driven 2022-02-23

          Chinese granular silicon superior, certificate shows 2021-11-16

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